Not 1000 houses, but 1500

KKG – Document 6 KKG – Document 1

Dear Neighbour

Attached (KKG Document 1) are the draft minutes of a meeting prepared by Mouchel (consultant traffic engineers to The Jockey Club) in connection with the Feasibility Study for the residential/non-residential development being mooted for Kempton Park Racecourse. Also attached is a map (KKG  Document 6) showing the site being planned for development.

It had previously been thought that the proposed housing development would be +/- 1000 dwellings. These minutes, however, show that the development could be as much as, if not more than, 50% bigger than that. That would imply an extra 3000 cars added to the local road network, which is already very often overburdened with traffic. Some representatives of Spelthorne Council have said that any development would be confined to an area near Kempton Park Station and on a narrow strip bordering the A308. The map shows that this is not the case, and that a very much bigger area of land is being considered, on designated Green Belt land.

There are other non-residential elements to the proposed plans, including a supermarket from a well-known national chain. However, a suggestion from one Spelthorne Councillor (who serves on the Planning Committee) that a hotel should also be built has apparently not been met with any enthusiasm from the hotel industry.

The minutes relate to a meeting held on 2 July 2013. The map is dated May 2013. The concept plan for Sunbury Cross Roundabout (sent to you previously) is dated September 2013.

All documents are in the public domain.

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More to follow in due course over coming weeks.


Keep Kempton Green


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