The deeper we dig, the bigger it gets. 2000 houses?

KKG – Document 5 KKG – Document 8

Dear Neighbour

1. The more we dig, the bigger the size of the development at Kempton Park gets.

First we thought it was plus or minus 1000 units. Then that rose to 1000 to 1500 (see KKG Document 1 circulated previously).

And now we find an internal Surrey Highways email referring to 1500 to 2000 dwellings.  (see attached KKG Document 8).

How big is this thing? And why haven’t we been told?

2. KKG Document 5 (also attached) shows the developer’s time-table for this project. The Feasibility Study should have reported by late last year. What does it recommend – proceed or abandon? Why haven’t we been told?

But note, especially, the first bullet point:

“Spelthorne Borough – scheduled 2014 update of Housing Evidence Base likely to set higher residential targets.”

Two thoughts spring immediately to mind:

a. Why is Spelthorne even considering setting higher residential targets?

Under the current local plan, they have a target – for the Borough as a whole – of 166 units per year. They have been exceeding this target consistently since the latest local plan was accepted (as they did for the duration of the previous local plan).


b. Why do we have to find this out from a developer’s Power Point slide?

What is it about the Borough that they tell a developer about plans for higher residential building targets before they tell their own Council Taxpayers? And before it has even been discussed, or consulted upon, or voted on by the Council?

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Keep Kempton Green