Now it’s shops as well

KKG – Document 26

Dear Neighbour

Now it’s shops as well …

Attached (KKG Document 26)  is a brief exchange of emails between Ramboll UK (one of The Jockey Club’s multifarious consultants) and Natural England, dated 20 Sep last year. It includes the by-now-familiar Area of Research map, and a brief note from Ramboll UK. The development is, in this letter, stated as being for 1500 residential units and (not the 1000 to 1500 unit range mentioned in correspondence we have previously circulated). This is such a large development that it needs 10 supporting commercial units to go with it.

We wonder whether the Waitrose supermarket suggested by one member of the Spelthorne Planning Committee at a meeting at Kempton Park is one of them?

As ever, this document is in the public domain. Please feel free to pass them on.

Please encourage your neighbours to join the mailing list.

There is more to come, in due course, over coming weeks.


Keep Kempton Green


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