Whose timetable?

KKG – Document 31 KKG – Document 32

Dear Neighbour

As you may have read in the extract from the LOSRA Spring 2014 newsletter which was circulated last week, Spelthorne’s Chief Executive, Roberto Tambini, wrote the following, which are the first two sentences of his message which was posted on the LOSRA website on 18 December 2013.

“We welcome this opportunity to make our position on Kempton Park completely clear. As you would expect the Council has regular discussions about future business plans with all the major operations within the borough, including Kempton, but it has not seen or discussed building plans for any development on this site.”

Attached (KKG Document 32) is an exchange of emails in early July last year between the Spelthorne Head of Planning and Mark Boyes, Development Director of Aspire, consultants to the Jockey Club. Read the emails from the bottom up.   The messages indicate that Spelthorne had, indeed, discussed plans for development of the Kempton Park estate – more than five months before Mr Tambini’s text was written.

In fact the messages indicate much more than that. Please note the reference in the email from the Head of Planning to Mark Boyes on 2 July:

“Is there a high level timetable you can share with us re milestones for stages to reach planning application submission by third quarter 2014 please?”

And Mark Boyes’ reply on 4 July:

“…at present I am not able to provide you with our planning milestone programme, however we are adhering to SBC’s timetable of Quarter 4 2014 for a submission.”

SBC’s timetable?

Who is driving this thing forward? The Jockey Club? Or Spelthorne Borough Council?   We think they should come clean on this one…

And just to give you an idea of how much discussion has been taking place, KKG Document 31 (attached) is the pile of documents received so far by fellow residents who have submitted FOI requests to various governmental bodies.

This pile does not include the many documents received by email, or the many more documents not released at all, in order to spare the blushes of The Jockey Club and the Council. But they are still coming in by the bag-full.

The documents relate to an 18 month period. And cover many aspects of the proposed development. Is this what the Council means by “regular discussions”?

As ever, these documents are in the public domain.

Please feel free to pass them on.

Please encourage your neighbours to join the mailing list.

There is more to come, in due course, over coming weeks.


Keep Kempton Green


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