Encouraging developments

KKG – Document 34  KKG – Document 35

Dear Neighbour

“Encouraging developments.” That doesn’t mean something good has happened. It means assisting developments to take place.

KKG Document 34 (attached) contains the agenda and the minutes of a meeting held at Knowle Green on 26 June last year. Please note the second last bullet point on the second page.

“RT confirmed SBC were keen to encourage development in parts of the Borough re-enforcing the Boroughs need for appropriate land to come forward to meet the needs.”

When you say things like that at a meeting with the owners of a huge chunk of Green Belt, what you are doing is telling them that its Green Belt status doesn’t matter.

KKG Document 35 (attached) are the notes made of a meeting at Knowle Green on 9 December 2013. That was the day that three LOSRA Committee members were told their fortunes at a meeting with Council representatives. That meeting was attended by the people named at top left (except for Cllr Webb who did not attend the meeting with the LOSRA people). Whether these notes relate to a meeting held before or afterwards is not clear. They are withheld under an exemption for “confidentiality of proceedings”.

And finally, we have been told that another round of consultation by The Jockey Club is about to start in the first week of June. Rest assured, there will be no “confidentiality of proceedings” where KKG is concerned, should we be included in the consultation. We’ll let you know what happens, if anything does. And since this matter of Green Belt land at Kempton Park is a matter of great importance in its implications for the whole of Spelthorne and our neighbours in other boroughs, perhaps you all ought to contact Spelthorne Borough Council and ask to be included …

As ever, these documents are in the public domain. Please feel free to pass them on.

Please encourage your neighbours to join the mailing list.

There is more to come, in due course, over coming weeks.


Keep Kempton Green


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