The municipal beehive


Dear Neighbour

There’s a lesson in all this FOI stuff. Never become a Councillor or an official if you can’t stand committees.

We knew about the Steering Group – but now we’re not so sure, because we just found another committee. See KKG Document 42 attached.

Is the High Level Steering Group the same as the Steering Group we’ve read about before. And if so, what is the Kempton Park Working Party, and who is on it?  It all sounds a bit class-ridden to us: Steerers and Workers. A bit like some kind of municipal beehive. Although some social mobility appears possible. Note the and/or.

And even more importantly, who is the Queen?

And by the way, [redacted ] of LOSRA is me. Quite why that was blacked-out is anyone’s guess – unless they were using un-parliamentary language to describe me.

But now that that state secret is betrayed to the world, perhaps they might consider un-redacting the other blanked-out sentences.

On second thoughts, maybe they won’t. It’s that Reg 12 (4) (e) “internal communications” card they’ve played again. As they apparently say in those kind of beehives, everything is an Official Secret until they are forced to release it.

Last week we put the following question to all the Spelthorne Councillors: Do you think Kempton Park’s Green Belt status should be protected and maintained as it currently stands, and permission not be given for development on that land?

Attached is a summary of their replies.

As ever, this information is in the public domain. Please feel free to pass it on.

Please encourage your neighbours to join the mailing list.

There is more to come, in due course, over coming weeks.


redacted  (Alan Doyle)

for Keep Kempton Green


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