A modern plague

The Egyptians had frogs, lice, boils and locusts. We have little metal boxes, working silently and diligently,  24/7,  gathering traffic data for The Jockey Club.

There’s 24 of them, apparently. Pictured here are some of them.

But where are the remainder? It would be interesting to know so that we can compare their siting with the data in the Transport Analysis which The Jockey Club will eventually have to make public.

Since the gloss in collecting pictures of England football players seems to have worn a bit thin, here’s something new to keep you interested.

Please send your pictures to keepkemptongreen@hotmail.co.uk  saying exactly where you found them.

They won’t be there for long, so collect them while you can …

traffic monitor - A308 (east end) (640x428) traffic monitor - A308 (west end) (640x428) traffic monitor - Batavia Rd 1 & 2 (640x220) traffic monitor - French Street (640x428) traffic monitor - Gaston Bridge Road (640x428) traffic monitor - Green Street (640x428) traffic monitor - Harfield Road (640x428) traffic monitor - Lower Sunbury Road (640x428) traffic monitor - Manor Lane 1 (640x428) traffic monitor - Manor Lane 2 (640x428) traffic monitor - Nursery Road (640x428) traffic monitor - The Avenue (640x428)