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Dear Neighbour

More than a year ago there was what Spelthorne Council refer to as a “Kempton Park High Level Meeting”. It was held at Kempton Park, and was attended by:

Roberto Tambini – Chief Executive, Spelthorne Borough Council
Lee O’Neil – Assistant Chief Executive, Spelthorne Borough Council
Heather Morgan – Head of Planning, Spelthorne Borough Council (then)
Councillor Robert Watts – Leader, Spelthorne Borough Council
Councillor Suzy Webb – Spelthorne Cabinet member responsible for Planning and Housing (then)
Mark Boyes – Aspire (property development management consultants to The Jockey Club)
Peter Hopson – Aspire (property development management consultants to The Jockey Club)
Mike Street – Steward, The Jockey Club
William Gittus – Managing Director, Jockey Club Estates

They must all remember that meeting, as there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing before it even took place. It was originally scheduled for 27 March, but, although other attendees had had to cancel meetings to make that date, it had to be rescheduled because Heather Morgan could not be there. Then it had to be pushed back by an hour to accommodate Councillor Webb. (See Document 59 attached.)

So they must remember it, surely?


“I would point out, that at no time has the Council ever been given any plans detailing the proposals or ideas of the Jockey Club. … As I said earlier, the Council has never seen any plans from the Jockey Club for any of the proposals (initial or later).” Spelthorne’s Chief Executive 13 May 2014.

Notes were taken, so you might expect those to have jogged the memory. (See Document 53a attached.)

‘Fraid not.

“… I am advised that at none of these meetings has any plan whatsoever been developed for the scale of housing that you allude to …” Spelthorne’s Chief Executive 14 November 2013

Then what about the presentation given by Aspire at that meeting? (See Document 53 attached.)

Note that the word “plan” is mentioned three times on just the first slide, and “planning” twice, so no mistake as to what this meeting was about, even if all the Council representatives immediately put their hands over their eyes, and repeatedly chanted “La la la … ” so as not to be tainted by the evil words.

And on the last slide there is the following sentence:

“Jockey Club keen to assist SBC planning team on emerging policy”

That wasn’t just a wishful offer. You may remember our update on 12 June (available on – just search for Softly, softly). It contained an email exchange between Heather Morgan and one of The Jockey Club’s consultants in which Heather Morgan gave a little gentle coaching as to what language to use in The Jockey Club’s submission to Spelthorne’s Draft Local Economic Assessment, so as “not to set hares running”.

So, any memories? Even very faint ones?

Nope. Zilch. Nada. Not a sausage.

“ … it [the Council] has not seen or discussed building plans for any development on this site.” Spelthorne’s Chief Executive 18 December 2013

So. An amazing case of collective amnesia. How on earth can you run the Council if you can’t remember anything?

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Regards, as always


Alan Doyle
for Keep Kempton Green