Sniffin’ around

air quality monitor 1

A month ago it was traffic monitors. Now Mouchel are testing the air. These two gentlefolk were spotted by an eagle-eyed resident last evening placing an air-quality monitoring device on a lamp post at the junction of Staines Road East and Kenton Avenue.

They didn’t really have to bother – anyone who travels or lives along that road could tell them for free that the air quality is bad, very bad. But I suppose they have to know how exactly how bad it is, so they can calculate how much worse it will be with an extra 3000 cars added to the traffic round here. Especially since Spelthorne Council decommissioned their much more sophisticated air quality monitor at Sunbury Cross recently.

Mouchel are fully entitled to do this, of course. So why were they so coy about it? The man in the brown T-shirt removed his hi-vis jacket (with the word Mouchel across the back) when he saw he had been noticed. And Mouchel are a big company – surely they could run to giving their monitor-placers a step-ladder?

There are almost certainly more of these about. Have you seen any?

Please send photographs to together with the location where you found them. It’s important that we know.

air quality monitor 3