Their choice of battleground

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KKG – Document 64

Dear Neighbour

Here we have it – the latest dates for the Kempton Park development. And their choice of battleground.

The Jockey Club have decided to delay putting in an application until after the next election. See Document 64 attached, an email from Mouchel (The Jockey Club’s transport consultants) to Surrey County Council Highways.

By doing this they will spare the embarrassment of their supporters at Spelthorne Council by not asking them to push through a planning application before the vote. As one councillor – stating the obvious – put it to us, it would be electoral suicide. By delaying the application, a cynic might say, The Jockey Club will be doing so just when the Council feels it can safely ignore the electorate for another few years.

More important, however is the revision of the Local Plan. The Planning Department now expects to report to councillors in the last quarter of this year as to whether the Local Plan needs to be changed. Such a review would cover housing targets and land availability, amongst other things. There have been constant references to this in the correspondence between the Council and The Jockey Club.

This would obviously have Borough-wide implications, for Green Belt as well as Brownfield developments. As The Jockey Club representatives euphemistically put it to us last year, they were “prepared to wait for a more amenable regulatory framework”. But it isn’t just them. Other developers have also made it clear that they will be pushing hard for the Council to raise the existing housing target from the current 166 dwellings per year – in one case proposing two-and-a-half times that level.

This is the battleground on which will be decided the future of all the green spaces in this Borough – not just Kempton Park. It will affect us all.


Alan Doyle
for Keep Kempton Green


One thought on “Their choice of battleground”

  1. As one of the few people to be able to say not in my back yard which is true as I would like to know others that have their place of Birth on their Birth certificate As KEMPTON PARK yes I am a child of Kempton and I have decided to say my twopennieth. Since the formation of Spelthorne Council in 1973 ish the emphasis has been to look after Staines I refuse to call it on thames as I think those involved have delusions of grandeur,they in the meantime have turned Sunbury-onThames into a giant housing estate and nothing else it used to be a lovely Village to live in and we had village with shops I expect the Burgars in staines will want shops on our ground Lets call it TESCO’S Kempton Branch and then Marks and Sparks .
    No you who were unelected by Sunbury residents Look at the Inferstructure of what you want I have a new Plan Staines Moor which is nearer to The following Heathrow,M25,decent roads and better town shopping in fact a better place to build 2000 homes altogether so keep out of Sunbury and out of Kempton you have killed MY village kill your own

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