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KKG – Document 49        KKG – Document 49a

Dear Neighbour

You may remember, three months ago, that we distributed a document which had been almost completely redacted (Some are more equal than others, 5 June 2014 . See Document 49 attached.)

The original document was a reply from Spelthorne Council to a request by Ramboll UK – under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 – for information about Kempton Park. Ramboll UK are The Jockey Club’s environmental consultants.

However, when a resident asked for information about Kempton Park under those same Regulations, that document was produced almost completely blacked out.

We complained to Spelthorne Council, on that grounds that, by providing that information to Ramboll UK under the Regulations, Spelthorne had placed that information in the public domain. Therefore there was no justification not to release that document to the resident, who, in any case, was being treated unequally compared to Ramboll UK.

Spelthorne Council have conceded, and have provided the document unredacted (see Document 49a attached), along with a large number of other accompanying documents which were not provided at all to our neighbour in response to his first request. So, another useful addition to our pile of FOI information, which is growing by the week.

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Alan Doyle
for Keep Kempton Green