This is madness

cartoon traffic lanes

To put it in context, here is what Spelthorne Council are proposing to do:

Current housing target = 166 dwellings p.a. = 3320 dwellings over 20 years

Proposed minimum housing target = 400 dwellings p.a. = 8000 dwellings over 20 years

Difference = an extra 234 dwellings p.a. = an extra 4680 dwellings over 20 years


Number of households (dwellings) in Spelthorne (2001 & 2011 Censuses)

38400    (2001)

39500    (2011)    an extra 1100 dwellings (+2.9%) in 10 years

 Growth over 20 years @ 166 dwellings p.a.

+8.4% over 20 years

Growth over 20 years @234 dwellings p.a. extra

+11.8%   extra over 20 years

Growth over 20 years @ 400 dwellings p.a. =

+20.3% over 20 years

The net result; Spelthorne Council are preparing the way to allow an increase in population of one-fifth.


Where are they going to put all these people?

Where are they going to put the extra health centres?

Where are they going to put the extra schools?

How far into the local roads will the extra traffic tail back?

Where are the answers to the questions above?


2 thoughts on “This is madness”

  1. No wonder they want to keep these numbers out of the public domain. Problem is, it’s too late. Well done! Keep it coming.

  2. How would Spelthorne’s economy provide many more jobs required to house so many more residents in this area. There is not enough commerce, manufacturing, tourism, retail and leisure to justify it here. The alternative of working elsewhere is not realistic: capacity has almost been reached for London commuters, and surely seven lanes each way to the M25 would be an environmental catastrophe and be pure madness? Are conservatives accountable and for a decent way of living or are they not, we will soon see by what they propose.

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