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Dear Neighbour

It’s that Overview & Scrutiny Committee. Again. (See KKG weekly updates 10 July and 4 September).

It started with the man from A2Dominion inadvertently letting the Kempton Park Cat out of the bag at the 8 July meeting. Then the minutes of that meeting simply didn’t mention the at times heated discussion about Kempton Park at all. The minutes also left out the Action Point (agreed by the Committee) to ask for “clear and unambiguous statements” from the Chief Executive and the Leader of the Council as to what they knew about the plans for the development of Green Belt land at Kempton Park. All this is very clear on the recording (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJw0sjirWok ) and on the transcript (Document 67 attached.)

So we went to the subsequent meeting of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 9 September, to hear whether these statements would in fact be produced (despite there being no mention on the Agenda).

It didn’t happen. The Chair of the Committee had thought that a statement from the Head of Planning (Document 56a attached) had dealt with the matter. But the Head of Planning is not the Chief Executive nor the leader of the Council, and he had answered a question different to that which was asked.

Anyway, the Chair of the Committee has now promised to amend the minutes, and to publish a statement from the Chief Executive “as a matter of urgency”. (Document 69 attached.)

As to the review of the Local Plan: The nine councillors on the Local Plan Working Party voted 7-2 to recommend to the Cabinet that a review should take place. (See last week’s KKG Weekly Update.)The next meeting of the Cabinet is on 30 September.

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Alan Doyle
for Keep Kempton Green





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