8000 dwellings. Where are they going to put them?

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KKG – Document 68     KKG – Document 71

Dear Neighbour

On Tuesday 30 September, the Spelthorne Cabinet voted to give planning officials permission to begin the review of our Local Plan. You will remember that this review was most recently discussed at a meeting of the Local Plan Working Party (LPWP) on 3 September, from which members of the public were barred.

The minutes of that LPWP meeting, which were presented at the meeting of the Cabinet, are in Document 71, attached. The main paper discussed at the original meeting of the LPWP is in Document 68, attached.

As you can see, there is about as much resemblance between the minutes and what was actually discussed at the LPWP, as there was between Mr and Mrs Huhnes’ first account, and who was actually driving their car on the M11 in March 2003.

What the Cabinet was in fact voting for was an increase in the housing target from 166 p.a. to a minimum of 400 p.a. That equates to 8000 new dwellings across the Borough over 20 years, an increase in the population of the Borough of 20%.

Where are they going to put these 8000 homes? Any open space they can find.

Cabinet members present were Councillor Watts in the chair, Councillors Evans, Gething, Leighton, Mitchell, Patel, Pinkerton and Sexton. There were no dissenting voices. Councillor Gething made a point at the end of the discussion of asking for extra measures to be taken to ensure the process was kept completely confidential, with no further leaks of documents.

On which subject:

None of the many documents relating to that meeting of the LPWP was marked ‘Confidential’ in any way.

None was on the yellow paper commonly used to denote ‘Confidential’ material.

KKG received so many copies of the documents discussed at that meeting that at one stage we thought we might have to tape up the letter box.

Just because the Council says something is confidential does not necessarily mean it is. They may not want us to see certain documents, but that is not a reason to claim they are ‘Confidential’. Frankly, those documents are no more ‘Confidential’ than the Ten Commandments.

Today, a rash of CCTV cameras appeared on the streets around Sunbury, Halliford and Hampton. 64 in all (and we may have missed a few) plus another half dozen at the Hampton Court Bridge roundabout. See https://keepkemptongreen.com/2014/10/02/who-are-these-nosy-parkers

All Kempton Park-related, and a gross invasion of privacy, not to mention some homes being clearly in the field of view of some of the cameras, and the tall poles on which they were mounted waving precariously in anything more than a breeze. A number of residents have expressed their formal displeasure to the police. In Spelthorne, the email to use is spelthornenhw@surrey.pnn.police.uk .

Our fund raising effort is exceeding expectations. LOSRA (the Lower Sunbury Residents Association) have kindly offered to receive and account for donations to this campaign. LOSRA have been around for more than 40 years, and have impeccable credentials with regard to accountability and reliability.

Electronic methods for donations will be set up shortly. In the mean time, if you would like to donate by cheque, please make your cheque out to LOSRA and send it to:

20 Green Street, Sunbury, TW16 6RN

As you would expect, the identity of all donors will be kept confidential.

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Kind regards, and thank you very much in advance for your generosity.

Keep Kempton Green