Curiouser and curiouser …


Old Nursery Chancellors 1a

KKG – Document 72a

Dear Neighbour

You may remember three weeks ago we highlighted the site of the former Nurseries on Fordbridge Road which is up for sale. The land is Green Belt, yet the hoardings at the site say that the land has the potential for residential development. Further, Chancellors, the estate agents handling the sale, had an advert on the Rightmove website which stated that:

 “Informal discussions have taken place with the Local Planning Authority with (sic) its development potential.”

It seems there are two adverts on the Rightmove site. One includes the phrase, the other does not. (See Document 72a attached). We asked Chancellors which is correct, but they have not responded.

The Council, however, says:

“No meetings have taken place between the Council, officers and/or members, and the owner, or agents for the owner, of the former Fordbridge Nursery site and associated sites since 1 July 2013”.

(That doesn’t necessarily mean there were meetings before that date. That was just the time period set out in the FOI request. If an earlier date had been set, it might have taken longer to get a response.)

The more questions one asks, the more questions one needs to ask, it seems. We’ll get back to you.

By the way, in answer to a question from a Councillor about this issue, Councillor Leighton, the Cabinet member for Planning, said that the mere existence (or non-existence) of such meetings was confidential. Well, the Council’s FOI officer, by giving a definitive NO answer, just proved her wrong.

As regards the Review of our Local Plan, we have also yet to receive a reply to the open letter sent to the Council last week. There is now a petition calling on the Council to fulfil their obligations and begin to work with local communities without further delay.

If any of Spelthorne’s open spaces are precious to you – whether you live in Spelthorne or not – please sign. Remember: All members of a household are entitled to sign if they wish to. Go to:

Kind regards

Keep Kempton Green



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