Unnatural gas?

kp bulldozer comp

Dear Neighbour

Some time ago, a number of grey plastic tubes were installed on the eastern half of the Kempton Park estate. They look like the above.

These grey plastic tubes are covers. They are placed over smaller green steel pipes which are sunk into the ground. These green pipes have circular steel cover plates which are padlocked shut. The grey plastic tubes are considerably taller than the protruding lengths of the green steel pipes.

Part of the Kempton Park estate was at one stage used for landfill. Our understanding is that the purpose of these pipes is to measure gas from possible areas of landfill.

Some weeks ago a large area of land was cleared by bulldozers, as part of the feasibility studies for a residential development at Kempton Park. Once it was cleared, another of these pipes – previously hidden by the vegetation – was revealed:

kp bulldozer comp 1

A green glass chemical sample-testing bottle was lying in the grass just to the side of it:

kp bulldozer comp 3

And inside this particular grey cover tube, lying on top of the green steel cover plate, was the not-long-dead corpse of what appears to be a sparrowhawk:

kp bulldozer comp 2

We have asked Kempton Park for an explanation and they have promised to respond as soon as they can.

Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green

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