Kempton Park – Housing Growth Site

Surrey bus map extract

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We have written today, as below, to the Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council. We await his response:

Cllr Robert Watts                                                             18 March 2015
Leader, Spelthorne Borough Council

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cc: KKG mailing list

Dear Councillor Watts

On 17 November last year you attended, alongside some of the Spelthorne County Councillors, a closed-to-the-public meeting of the Spelthorne Local Committee – the joint Committee with Surrey County Council to discuss matters of importance to Spelthorne.

At that meeting, County officials briefed you all on aspects of the Surrey County Council Transport Review, which is currently being conducted. As part of your briefing notes, you were all given the attached map, entitled:

Surrey Transport Review – Commercial/TFL, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Bus Routes: Spelthorne

You will have noticed at the meeting that this map clearly shows Kempton Park to be a “Housing Growth Site” of the scale of 1500 units.

At the Kempton Park Public Meeting on 3 February 2015, you and some of your fellow Councillors and Spelthorne officials made emphatic and unambiguous statements that there will be no housing development on Green Belt land at Kempton Park.

You will also be very aware of the budgetary pressures on Surrey County Council, which subsidises bus services in Spelthorne alone to the tune of more than £2 million annually.

We assume, therefore, that you have written to Surrey County Council informing them that Kempton Park is not, in fact, a Housing Growth Site, and that there is therefore no need for Surrey County Council to make expensive provision for extra potential bus journeys to and from Kempton Park.

Please could we see a copy of your correspondence with Surrey dealing with this matter.



Alan Doyle
(for Keep Kempton Green)