Inbox, Pending, Outbox

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Dear Neighbour

1.    Last week we wrote to the Leader of Spelthorne Council ( click here )  asking whether he had written to Surrey County Council to correct a map produced by them which labelled Kempton Park as a “Housing Growth Site”.

Below is Cllr Watts’ reply:

From: Watts, Robert (Councillor)
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 12:22 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Kempton Park – Housing Growth Site
Dear Mr Doyle
Thank you for your email dated 18 March.
You will be pleased to know that myself and other colleague Councillors did indeed tell Surrey County Councillors and staff at the Local Committee to which you refer, that Spelthorne does not recognise Kempton Park as a major housing site because it is Green Belt.
Furthermore, my Borough/Surrey County Councillor for Sunbury – Tim Evans has written to David McNulty in relation to this matter.
Yours sincerely
Robert Watts.
Cllr Robert Watts CEng., MICE., MCIWEM., MBA
Leader of the Council
Shepperton Town Ward

2.    We are still awaiting a reply from Kempton Park itself as to the causes of the dead bird found inside a landfill-gas monitoring tube on their estate. ( click here )

3.    The KKG submission in response to the Draft Statement of Community Involvement will be sent to the Council very shortly. We will publish it on the KKG website in the next day or so once it has been sent.


Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green




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