Draft Retail and Other Town Centre Uses Study – KKG Response


Another day, another draft for consultation. They’re coming in thick and fast.

Last month Spelthorne Council published their Draft Retail and Other Town Centre Uses Study.

We welcome this opportunity to submit our comments on that Draft.

In summary:

*     The Draft Study assumes a rate of population growth in Spelthorne over the next twenty years of 18%. It accepts this projection without question or enquiry as to its suitability to this Borough.

*     Around two-thirds of this projected population growth is made up of net migrants into Spelthorne, overwhelmingly from other parts of England, and mainly from London Boroughs.

*     This not an external factor over which Spelthorne Council has no control. Such a large assumed rate of growth should therefore be treated with the utmost caution, particularly as this Borough moves ever closer to full capacity.

*     Emphasis should be placed on providing first for the local natural increase in population and locally-based changes in population structure, rather than facilitating further net inward migration.

*     Central government guidance allows for these high level population projections to be adjusted to suit local conditions, providing this can be justified on the basis of robust evidence. Further detailed work on population growth and housing need should be completed before accepting the conclusions of this Study.

These summary points are discussed in detail in the submission document. Click here to read it.

To read the Council’s Draft document, click here .


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