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KKG – Document 99

Dear Neighbour

You may remember that on 18 March we wrote to the Leader of Spelthorne Council (click here) asking him whether Spelthorne Council had written to Surrey County Council to correct the map the County had issued showing 1500 dwellings to be built on a Housing Growth Site at Kempton Park.

On 20 March, Councillor Watts replied (click here) saying, amongst other things, the following:

“Furthermore, my Borough/Surrey County Councillor for Sunbury – Tim Evans has written to David McNulty in relation to this matter.”

In our original letter we had asked Councillor Watts for a copy of the correspondence. He must have forgotten to send it to us, so we asked Surrey County Council for it.

As it turns out, Councillor Evans only wrote to David McNulty (the Chief Executive of Surrey County Council) on 19 March.

The exchange of correspondence is in Document 99, attached. Read from the bottom up.

Kind regards

Keep Kempton Green