A first glimpse of the concept

Redrow pic 2

Dear Neighbour

Above is a plan showing an initial concept for the development at Kempton Park. It is from a Brief to Architects competing to design the new suburb that the Jockey Club wants to build on this stretch of Green Belt. The document is part of a masterplan from the Redrow era – the latter half of 2014 onwards. Redrow is the Jockey Club’s preferred developer for the site.

The numbers in bold around the image show the conceptual number of dwellings in each area of the site. Adding them all up gives a range of between 1365 and 1967 dwellings. Other drawings from the document can be seen by clicking here and here.

Preparing the way – clearing the air, as it were – Kempton Park gave the Kempton Park Model Flying Club notice to quit late last year, after 26 years at Kempton Park. They now have a year’s tenure at a cricket ground closer into London, during which they will have to find a more permanent home. A rather melancholy last flight took place on Thursday last week.

Our guide to the local and parliamentary elections is available by clicking here. The Spelthorne Liberal Democrats have sent in their response to the Spelthorne Conservative candidates’ collective answers to our three questions – click here to read it.

Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green


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