“They’re not looking at a small area of infill”

RC pic 13

Dear Neighbour

Above another page from Redrow’s Brief to Architects competing to design the planned new suburb at Kempton Park. The image above shows layout options for the 1500 – 2000 dwellings mooted for the site. The aerial perspective viewpoint of each Option is from the north west of the site.

1500 – 2000 new dwellings would indeed constitute a new suburb. It is not readily apparent from the road just how big the eastern half of the Kempton Park estate is. It is 102 acres (41.3 ha) in size. Walking from north to south would take 20 minutes at an average pace. On a pro rata basis, it would qualify on its own as a separate council ward with another two councillors. In the words of Spelthorne’s previous Head of Planning on 20 May 2013:

 “Suffice to say that they’re not looking at a small area of infill.”

Just the place to start satisfying the huge increase in housing the Council are contemplating.

Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green