Consultation cancelled

cartoon cancelled

Dear Neighbour

Heronslea, the developers who have been eyeing up the Old Nursery site on Fordbridge Road in Sunbury, had been due to hold a public consultation event on Tuesday next week. That has now been cancelled. We believe this is because the pre-application discussions with Spelthorne have not been concluded.

cartoon 10 commandments

Heronslea insist the site is brownfield. They quote a report by a “non-profit” organisation called London First. Non-profit it may be, but it’s hardly objective. It’s a lobbying group set up by, amongst other big businesses, a number of property developers and associated firms: the large planning consultancy Terence O’Rourke, for example, who, incidentally, are involved in working up the proposals for Kempton Park for Redrow. Oh, and Heathrow – also a London First “partner”.

It’s quite simple, really. All Heronslea need to do is look at the Spelthorne Proposals Map, accepted by the Secretary of State in 2009 as the definitive planning map for this Borough. That map shows what is and what isn’t Green Belt. The Old Nursery site is.

Couldn’t be clearer.

Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green


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