You’ll have to wait


In early March LOSRA, the Hampton Society and KKG met Redrow and their PR consultants Curtin & Co.

They promised then to be more transparent with residents over their plans to build on Green Belt at Kempton Park, and to listen to their concerns. As part of the listening process, they will be holding an Information Day on Saturday 23 April, in the Desert Orchid Suite in the grandstand at Kempton Park from 10 am to 2pm. You’ve probably had a leaflet through your door advertising it.

We urge all residents to take this opportunity to let Redrow and the Jockey Club know what you think of their plans.

As tokens of Redrow’s sincerity in breaking with what they called the “unfortunate past”, KKG asked them for two things:

1. Some transparency from the Jockey Club as to their finances, and;

2. Access to the Kempton Park estate for our botanist.

This week we got the answers.

The Jockey Club referred us to their annual reports. We, of course, read their annual reports some time ago. The problem is, as a company limited by guarantee, the Jockey Club is not required to produce much by way of financial information, so their annual reports are as much use as the proverbial cyclist’s ashtray. But they are not prohibited from being more transparent, so our request remains.

Redrow have agreed to allow our botanist onto the Kempton Park estate. But not yet. We’ll have to wait, they say, until they have completed their own environmental study – in 2017.

We don’t understand that reasoning. They will already have seen the environmental study completed for the Jockey Club not long ago. If they haven’t seen it, we can give them a copy. So what is it they are afraid of? Or is it simply the same old, same old nonsense we had to deal with from the Jockey Club before Redrow got involved?

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Keep Kempton Green






Open Letter to Redrow


Redrow Open Letter

Cllr Ian Harvey
Leader, Spelthorne Borough Council

18th April 2016

Open Letter to Redrow Homes regarding proposed development at Kempton Park

From the Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council and Sunbury ward Member, Cllr Ian Harvey

Dear Redrow

I am greatly surprised that you are continuing to try to develop a large area of Kempton Park, with it is rumoured, up to 1500 houses. You are fully aware that this is all Green Belt land and that Spelthorne Borough Council’s Local Plan states clearly that we oppose Green Belt development. Your plans are thus in blatant contradiction to our clearly stated and lawful policies. Why do you believe you can promote your proposals in this manner?

Presumably, you believe your plans outweigh our Policies. Spelthorne residents should rest assured that the Conservative Councillors will apply these policies clearly and unambiguously.  You have proposed an “information day” with residents this coming Saturday 23rd April to “listen to residents and understand any concerns”. I can assure you, as a ward Councillor for the planned development area and resident for 19 years, that the vast majority of local residents will strongly oppose plans for any such development and have a great many concerns! Clearly one of the roles of local Councillors is to represent and reflect the view of their residents. I am very happy to state publically my clear opposition to the development of Green Belt land.

Despite very mischievous PR, Spelthorne Borough Council also has no intention of ‘working alongside’ Redrow Homes or any other private company on a new Local Plan. You may offer your views, as may any member of the public. But to be clear, the Local Plan proposals will be for the elected councillors of Spelthorne Borough Council to decide.

You are therefore asked to respect the Green Belt policy of the democratically elected local authority as well as the wishes of the vast majority of affected local residents, and desist from this unwanted desecration of desperately needed Green Belt space in our Borough.

Spelthorne residents can have faith that I, and my fellow Conservative Councillors will protect the Green Belt at Kempton Park for the benefit of all. Please note that we Conservative Councillors are determined to protect our communities and the environment so will always fight to protect Green Belt and other protected open spaces.

Councillor Ian Harvey
Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council