You’ll have to wait


In early March LOSRA, the Hampton Society and KKG met Redrow and their PR consultants Curtin & Co.

They promised then to be more transparent with residents over their plans to build on Green Belt at Kempton Park, and to listen to their concerns. As part of the listening process, they will be holding an Information Day on Saturday 23 April, in the Desert Orchid Suite in the grandstand at Kempton Park from 10 am to 2pm. You’ve probably had a leaflet through your door advertising it.

We urge all residents to take this opportunity to let Redrow and the Jockey Club know what you think of their plans.

As tokens of Redrow’s sincerity in breaking with what they called the “unfortunate past”, KKG asked them for two things:

1. Some transparency from the Jockey Club as to their finances, and;

2. Access to the Kempton Park estate for our botanist.

This week we got the answers.

The Jockey Club referred us to their annual reports. We, of course, read their annual reports some time ago. The problem is, as a company limited by guarantee, the Jockey Club is not required to produce much by way of financial information, so their annual reports are as much use as the proverbial cyclist’s ashtray. But they are not prohibited from being more transparent, so our request remains.

Redrow have agreed to allow our botanist onto the Kempton Park estate. But not yet. We’ll have to wait, they say, until they have completed their own environmental study – in 2017.

We don’t understand that reasoning. They will already have seen the environmental study completed for the Jockey Club not long ago. If they haven’t seen it, we can give them a copy. So what is it they are afraid of? Or is it simply the same old, same old nonsense we had to deal with from the Jockey Club before Redrow got involved?

Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green






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