Kempton campaigners determined to fight racecourse closure plans

“It’s amazing how the facts can change if you put up a fight, absolutely amazing.  And it’s amazing how things that are ‘inevitable’ aren’t.”








2 thoughts on “Kempton campaigners determined to fight racecourse closure plans”

  1. If Kempton goes, the only thing left in Sunbury will be junction 1 of the M3!!! Kempton has a lot of history and used to be a prisioner of war camp. It now has a twice monthly antique market and weekly market both of which are well used by locals and visitors. I once bought a new Redrow home and had years of misery with all the defects.. 3000 homes could mean approx 3000 more cars, 3000 more children in our schools, possibly 6000 + for Sunbury health centre to try and cope with, I have witnessed the destruction of Sunbury over the last 10 or more years with most of our pubs and office blocks being replaced by flats, its time to put a stop to it!

  2. If The Jockey Club gets its way, we’ll be very lucky to only have 3000 units on that site, and even luckier to get away with only 3000 extra cars on the local roads. The Jockey Club will not be wanting to build houses for 1-car households.

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