Kempton may be reprieved … ?


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The back page of The Times (27 Feb 2017) carries an intriguing item claiming that the plans by Redrow and The Jockey Club to bulldoze the entire Kempton Park estate might be reversed.

We have several comments:

  1. If this contains any grains of truth then it indicates just how un-thought-through this whole plan was to build 3000 + homes on the estate in the first place. To make a major “strategic decision” like this (The Jockey Club’s words), and then reverse it in a matter of weeks, does not reflect well on the top management of The Jockey Club.
  2. The article mentions that a new plan might be to rather build 1200 homes on the eastern half of the Kempton Park estate which is not taken up by the racecourse. As we already know, of course, their original plan was to build, not 1200, but 2000 units on that site. The 1200 figure simply does not ring true. (Click here to read the evidence for that.)
  3. We’ll believe it when we see Redrow withdrawing their application, through Spelthorne Council’s Call for Sites, for the Green Belt status to be lifted from the whole of the Kempton Park estate.

Postscript: The Jockey says there is no change.



3 thoughts on “Kempton may be reprieved … ?”

    1. Interesting. Presumably The Times didn’t make their story up, which indicates dissent right at the top of The Jockey Club about this. As we said, we’ll believe it when we see Redrow withdraw their application to have KP’s Green Belt status lifted.

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