It’s time to have your say

The last Public Consultation has just over five weeks to run. 5 September is the final date to submit your opinions to the Planning Inspector who will decide on our new Local Plan.

You will have heard from councillors of all flavours that the new Local Plan is not ideal. This is not through any errors by the Spelthorne Planning team. It is entirely the fault of the massive increase in housing targets sent down from Whitehall.

Nevertheless, we can be grateful that Kempton Park has been ruled out as a site for development.

But we are not out of the woods yet. Redrow and The Jockey Club will be arguing as strongly as they can – when the Planning Inspector holds the Examination in Public – that the Kempton Park estate should be opened up for development. KKG intends to be there to argue the opposite, in support of the Local Plan.

So it is vital that the Planning Inspector understands how important an issue Kempton Park is amongst the residents of Sunbury. It is so important that you express your opinion.

You don’t need any reminding of the reasons thousands of houses should not be built on Kempton Park. They would:

* destroy a vital section of Green Belt

*  increase the traffic load on the A308 Staines Road East, especially the pinch points at Sunbury Cross, Hampton, and the Hampton Court roundabout.

*  put unstainable pressure on all areas surrounding the estate, through extra flooding risk and pressure on overloaded infrastructure.

* permanently and negatively change the character of areas surrounding the estate.

You will no doubt have your own reasons.

All the details of how to respond to the Consultation can be found at

Please use the Representation Form provided by the Council.

If you support Kempton Park being excluded as a site for development, our suggestions are as follows:

* Please type “Kempton Park” into the box marked “Other (Please specify) in Question 3 of Part B.  

* Please reply YES to all questions in question 4a of Part B.

* Please write your reasons why Kempton Park should NOT be developed in the box at Question 5 of Part B.

No need to write in to the Planning Inspector at length. Keep it short.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us at