Examination in Public: Details

The dates for the Examination in Public of our new Local Plan have now been set, along with details of what issues will be discussed on what days. You can see the details by clicking here.

Kempton Park is not earmarked to be discussed – specifically in the entire second week taken up with “Allocations”. This is because Kempton Park has been excluded from the new Local Plan as a site for housing development. Nevertheless, there are issues of planning policy which have a bearing on Kempton Park: Redrow – The Jockey Club’s preferred developer – have submitted claims that our new Local Plan is not sound, based on various over-arching planning issues, which will be discussed on various days.

It used to be the case that residents had a right to be heard at Examinations in Public, but the nature of these Examinations has changed. They are now inquisitorial, rather than adversarial, in nature, and it is up to the Inspector as to who is invited to speak.

We have just had a very fruitful planning conference with our KC, and will be applying to the Inspector for an invitation to put our case at a number of the sessions. Members of the public, of course, can still attend any of these hearings.


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