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Do something about Sunbury Cross!

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Dear Neighbour

Attached is a concept “Do Something” plan for Sunbury Cross Roundabout (KKG Document 2), prepared by Mouchel (consultant traffic engineers to The Jockey Club) in connection with the Feasibility Study for the residential/non-residential development being mooted for Kempton Park Racecourse.

Changes to the Roundabout would be needed to try and offset the increased traffic along the A308 generated by the cars owned by the residents of the housing estate at Kempton Park. The size of the residential part of the development could be as large as 1500 houses. That means up to 3000 extra cars added to the already overburdened local transport network, particularly the A308.

The current traffic problems along the A308, of course, are not only in the direction of Sunbury Cross. The already overburdened  A308 in the direction of Hampton Court would also be further stressed. It would be interesting to see Mouchel’s concept plan for solving that problem …

The plan is dated Sep 2013.  As the notes at bottom left say, a more detailed plan is to be drawn up on a topographical, rather than OS, basis.

Also attached are two photographs of parts of the current civil works at Sunbury Cross, which are noted on the plan.

All documents are in the public domain.

More to follow in due course over coming weeks.


Keep Kempton Green

How the Kempton Park problem suddenly got bigger …

First we discovered plans by Spelthorne Council and The Jockey Club to build 1500 dwellings + commercial units on Green Belt at Kempton Park.

Then we discovered Council plans to build 6500 additional dwellings elsewhere in the Borough.

The Council is reviewing our Local Plan. The risk is that this review will remove Green Belt or Protected Urban Open Space status from our Borough’s open spaces in order to provide land to build these 8000 dwellings.

The only way we can fight these plans is to be involved in the review of our Local Plan. The Council itself is required to “work with” local communities from “the earliest stages of plan preparation“ in “early and meaningful engagement”.

Work has already been done in compiling the evidence base for the housing targets. But local communities have not been involved, as they should have been. All this work has been going on in secret.

It will take “months, not weeks” the Council says, to work out how to “work with” local communities.

The petition (link below) calls on Spelthorne Council to start “working with” local communities without any further delay.

If any of Spelthorne’s open spaces are precious to you – whether you live in Spelthorne or not – please sign this petition.

Remember: All members of a household are entitled to sign if they wish to.

To sign the petition, go to: