The traffic counting season returns

traffic monitor A308 - August 2015

Dear Neighbour

You may remember this time last year when dozens of little metal boxes appeared on Sunbury’s roads, collecting traffic data for The Jockey Club.

Well, it’s that time of the year again, it seems, although this year there’s only been one sighting, on the Spelthorne/Richmond border on the A308, Staines Road East.

It was a slow morning on the KKG website yesterday. Only one visitor, who only looked at one page.

KKG snapshot

The visitor? From Greece.

And the page he or she looked at? Rotten Boroughs, the story from Private Eye about the Spelthorne councillors who have been helping the Surrey Police with their enquiries into the sale of the Bridge Street car park.

It certainly puts things in perspective. At least we aren’t sitting in Greece reading about the goings-on at Spelthorne Borough Council, in order to take our minds off something much worse …

Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green



We’d dig ourselves a deep hole if we took politics out of planning


Democracy is much more complicated. It is fractious. It can be tortuously slow to arrive at decisions. It can be extremely frustrating to men with grand plans. Thank goodness for that. As Winston Churchill said, democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the other ones.