Has Vancouver found the solution to a super-heated housing market?





Surely not?!!




No access to the site? No recruits for the part-time fire crew?

Surely not!

This was pointed out to our esteemed county councillors at the time, backed up with a complete data-based analysis. Two of our Sunbury county representatives scoffed at residents’ objections at the Surrey CC meeting where they pretended to deliberate on this issue – it had, of course, been decided upon some time before. One of them even shouted at us as we left the meeting: “Scaremongering! Where did you get all that inaccurate data?” The data came, of course, from the Council’s own report on this issue, which, needless to say, neither of them had bothered to read.

A piece of Green Belt lost to implement a plan which they simply had not thought through.

It beggars belief.


Kempton Park still on the hit list


Dear Neighbour

A report – Safe Under Us? – released today by the London Green Belt Council and the Council for the Protection of Rural England, shows just how threatened the London Green Belt is.

The report lists a number of reasons why this is so, including the following:

Guidance on the government’s NPPF is causing Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to inflate housing targets to questionably high levels, basing them upon speculative and in many cases invalid assumptions. It is these targets which underpin the Green Belt threats.

The report can be read by clicking here.

Also, have a look at the interactive map on the London Green Belt Council website, which shows the threatened sites around London:


Kempton Park is there.

Kind regards

Keep Kempton Green