The new friend of a friend



KKG – Document 53           KKG – Document 53a

Dear Neighbour

At one stage during the public meeting yesterday evening, Spelthorne’s Chief Executive said that the information KKG has made public
was flawed because it didn’t tell the whole story. A whole lot of information couldn’t be released to us mortals, he was implying, as it was protected by commercial confidentiality. Only the Supreme Beings at the Council could be privy to that information. That information, if only they could release it, would show the complete innocence of the Council. (We paraphrase. We’ll get his actual words when the audio recording of the meeting is released.)

Let’s leave aside for the moment that there is sufficient information in the unredacted portions of the FOI documents to give the total lie to the Council’s claim that The Jockey Club never told them any detail about the 1500 dwellings plus commercial units they are planning to build on the Kempton Park estate. Never mind that they were encouraging The Jockey Club to do it.

(The Council claimed last night – ludicrously – that they had not been given any of the traffic/highway work that Mouchel had done, which mentioned the proposed size of the development. Bear in mind that Surrey CC Highways knew, the Highways Agency knew, the Environment Agency, Natural England and English Heritage knew. TfL knew, as did the Borough of Richmond, SW Trains, and about a dozen consultants to The Jockey Club. They even told LOSRA, and showed them the worked-up plans for the redevelopment of Sunbury Cross and the Hampton Triangle. But somehow they forgot to tell Spelthorne Council, from whom they would be seeking planning permission? That’s way up there with “the cheque’s in the post” and “the dog ate my homework”.)

By way of example take a brief look at the two documents attached.

Documents 53 and 53a, are, respectively, the presentation given by The Jockey Club’s development consultants at a meeting on 10 April 2013, and the then Head of Planning’s notes from that meeting. The Council didn’t quote, as they are required to, the Regulatory justification for the blacked out sections. But look at what are the only bits blacked out in Document 53. One is a map titled Site Capacity Analysis. The other is a map, which appears from the Contents slide to be the Proposed Vehicular Access Routes Plan. Very convenient detail which “can’t” be shown to the plebs, and we use that term advisedly.

Not the full picture? We don’t think so. In fact, the fact that information is covered up tends to give a fuller picture of what happened than if we didn’t know it existed it all.


If you attended the Kempton Park Public Meeting on Tuesday 3 February, or have been following this issue in the press or social media, let us know what you think:

By the way. The Jockey Club’s new friend, (friend of the new friend Redrow actually),
who replaced the recently unfriended Mouchel as transport consultant, is Amey. Watch this space.

Thanks for signing the petition in increasing numbers. Please do so if you haven’t already, at:
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Kind regards
Keep Kempton Green



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