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Local Review Petition


First we discovered plans by Spelthorne Council and The Jockey Club to build 1500 dwellings + commercial units on Green Belt at Kempton Park.

Then we discovered Council plans to build 6500 additional dwellings elsewhere in the Borough.

The Council is reviewing our Local Plan. The risk is that this review will remove Green Belt or Protected Urban Open Space status from our Borough’s open spaces in order to provide land to build these 8000 dwellings.

The only way we can fight these plans is to be involved in the review of our Local Plan. The Council itself is required to “work with” local communities from “the earliest stages of plan preparation” in “early and meaningful engagement”.

Work has already been done in compiling the evidence base for the housing targets. But local communities have not been involved, as they should have been. All this work has been going on in secret.

It will take “months, not weeks” the Council says, to work out how to “work with” local communities.

The petition calls on Spelthorne Council to start “working with” local communities without any further delay.

If any of Spelthorne’s open spaces are precious to you – whether you live in Spelthorne or not – please sign this petition.

Remember: All members of a household are entitled to sign if they wish to.

To sign the petition, go to:


Open Letter to the Spelthorne Head of Planning

KKG – Document 84         Letter to John Brooks 25 November 2014


(The letter below was sent to all the Spelthorne Borough Councillors today. The letter to Mr John Brooks, Head of Planning, is attached. The full correspondence since 8 October between Mr Brooks and KKG is in Document 84, attached.)

Dear Councillor
Attached please find a letter sent today to Mr John Brooks, Head of Planning, and copied to the Spelthorne Residents Associations and your fellow Borough Councillors.
Various obligations to provide information and to work with local communities on the ongoing Review of our Local Plan are set out in The Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012, and the Practical Planning Guidance from the Department of Communities and Local Government (Paragraph: 007 Reference ID: 2a-007-20140306).
The phrase used in the Guidance is “work with’. In this planning context, that phrase means a closer involvement than is meant by the word ‘consult’. It is clear that preparatory work on this Review has already been going on for some time. Local communities should have been involved with this process already, but have not been.
You will be very aware how this kind of exclusion, and failure to comply with what is required by law, planning guidance, and what is also simply good practice in terms of democratic accountability, merely fosters the widespread belief in this Borough that things are being hidden from residents for unacceptable purposes.
You will therefore no doubt agree that the inclusion of local communities in the preparation of the evidence base and any further work on our Local Plan should be put in place as soon as possible.

Alan Doyle
for Keep Kempton Green



Donations can now be made through PayPal


Donations to the Keep Kempton Green fund can now be made through PayPal.

LOSRA (the Lower Sunbury Residents Association) have kindly made this facility available.

Please click here .

This will take you straight through to the LOSRA website’s home page. Scroll down a little and then click on the button marked “Donate to the Keep Kempton Green Fund“.

Or go to and follow the links.

Kind regards


Alan Doyle

for Keep Kempton Green





And then there were none …

CCTV 3 (The Avenue nr Batavia Rd)

24 hours after they first appeared, all of the 64 CCTV monitors spread from Halliford to Hampton Court Bridge  disappeared on Thursday night.

Map traffic CCTV 2 October 2014

                      CCTV camera sites

However, the pairs of traffic cables laid on 21 September over the same area remain …

Map traffic monitors - second batch - 21 September 2014 to

                          Traffic cable sites

… as do the air quality diffusion tubes which have been there for months.

Map air quality monitors

             Air quality diffusion tube sites

Recent additions have been spray paint markings on the pavements at the Hampton “Triangle” and at the easternmost entrance to the Kempton Park estate. The markings at Hampton were put there for the purposes of a cable/utility survey at the behest of Redrow Homes (who won the bidding competition for the right of first refusal on 70 acres of land on the Kempton Park estate).

Mouchel were also counting cars at Hampton on Thursday.

The Jockey Club have confirmed through their PR consultants that the cameras, cables, air quality diffusion tubes and car counts are all part of the transport survey work being conducted by Mouchel, the transport consultants to The Jockey Club, for the proposed Kempton Park development of 1500+ houses plus 10 commercial units.

Road markings (nr KP gate)

We await confirmation as to who is responsible for the above pavement markings and others at Kempton Park.